Alkaline Dried Fruits

Alkaline Dried Fruits

This Alkaline Dried Fruits photograph is by Marco Verch from his Various dried fruits and nuts on the Danilovsky Market in Moscow page. Please see that page for the original photo and license details. I cropped the image to focus on dried fruits.

When I asked Dr Komaroff about dried fruit nutrition, his reply included:

Because dried fruit is so much smaller than the fresh fruit from which it comes, it’s easier to consume a lot of calories eating dried fruit. I rarely eat three fresh apricots or 30 grapes in the course of a few hours, but I frequently consume more than three dried apricots and 30 raisins in a few hours. Another matter of concern is that some dried fruit makers add sugars to dried fruit (which already contain their own natural sugars). […]

Dried fruits also contain more fiber and more of the antioxidants called phenols than fresh fruit, per ounce. Fiber fights heart disease, obesity, and some types of cancer (although its possible protective effect against colon cancer is controversial). People with diets rich in plant phenols have lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, several kinds of cancer, and possibly degenerative brain diseases.

So, by all means keep eating dried fruits: they are full of healthy nutrients. But avoid the added sugars, and keep track of calories.

In my PRAL tables, I only look at the nutrients that affect acid load. But I do intend to create more tables. Including comparison tables for sugars, fats, and salt.

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