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Acid-Alkaline Wine PRAL List

Before you use this PRAL Wine List, you must understand and agree to PRAL Food Lists Principles. In particular, remember that PRAL is an estimate of the acid load on your kidneys after digesting food and drink. That estimate has been proved as reliable in many scientific studies. But I am unaware of any studies that specifically investigate wine consumption related to the PRAL calculation. However, other studies imply that alcohol has effects on acid load outside the calculation of PRAL estimates.

Those studies are beyond the scope of ALKAscore. But my recommendation is that you should not rely on PRAL tables if you consume excess amounts of alcohol. Because I do not have the qualifications to assess such effects. So if your alcohol consumption is of concern to you or people you know, you should consult a doctor now.

Otherwise, these tables should help estimate your PRAL alkalinity values if your wine consumption is moderate. In fact, wine is only slightly alkalizing. So if you are drinking enough to get a significant PRAL score from your wine intake, the PRAL method may not be accurate for you. But your doctor should be able to assess that properly.

Acid-Alkaline Wine List

I list wines with the lowest PRAL index first. Because these have the highest alkaline load. So the most alkalizing beverages show first. But you can click the food table headings to change sort order.

For the wine category, the average PRAL values are -1.27 per 100 grams and -1.61 per 100 calories. To put this in context, compare with other alcoholic beverages in the Food Category List.

Alkaline Mimosa Cocktail
Alkaline Mimosa Cocktail (click for details)

Your Alkaline Wine

Remember, factors such as growing conditions, variety, and preparation methods affect all food nutrients. USDA database values are an average of many samples. So your PRAL values for wine will vary from day to day. But they are always an estimate of actual acid load on your kidneys. Which I explain more in the notes about PRAL principles on the category list page.

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