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Are Carrots Acidic or Alkaline?

Acid or Alkaline Carrots Contents
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  3. Are Carrots Acidic?
  4. Are Carrots Alkaline?
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Many people ask “are carrots acidic or alkaline?”
Now we know from the Carrots Food Category PRAL List that carrots in themselves are an alkaline-forming food. But we usually eat carrots in combination with other foods. So I’ve prepared a complete list of PRAL values for carrot-based meals. But before you consider that, you need to understand the importance of food groups.

Carrot Food Group Introduction

Modern guidelines include carrots in the “Red and Orange Vegetables” Food Group. And those guidelines recommend 5½ cups of red and orange vegetables per week for an adult with a 2,000 calorie per day energy requirement. So you should plan your meals with that recommendation first. (Unless advised otherwise by your doctor, dietitian, or other health professional). Then you can consider your PRAL alkalinity target.

Complete Carrot PRAL List

I include carrot PRAL values in many of my food category lists. So here, I combine all carrots-related foods in one big list. But the complete carrot PRAL list is big. So I’ve put it on a separate page…

Complete Carrot PRAL List
Click for Complete Carrot PRAL List details

On that list, as well as plain carrots, you will find PRAL values for carrot juice, cakes, muffins and other carrot-based meals. So the list of carrot PRAL values includes many of the food terms listed in Carrot Related Links below.

Are Carrots Acidic?

There are no acid-forming types of carrot in the Carrots Food Category PRAL List. But that list shows how adding glazes can reduce alkalinity. Though it’s not clear what the glaze is, we might presume it’s a slightly acidic butter.

Here, we see clearly that carrot dishes are only acidic when carrots are a secondary ingredient to meat, fish, grains, or cheese. So the answer to “are carrots acidic?” is “only when eaten with meat, fish, or other acid-forming ingredients”.

Are Carrots Alkaline?

On the other hand, where carrots are the main ingredient, most foods are alkaline-forming. As you can see if you study the Complete Carrot PRAL List described above. So the answer to “are carrots alkaline?” is “yes”.

Even with some meat dishes, the alkalinity of carrots helps to create an alkalizing meal. So this depends on adding enough carrots and other vegetables to counteract the acid load from meat and fish. Hence, my choice of dish to illustrate that carrots are alkaline…

Alkaline Carrot Potato Pork Stew
Alkaline Carrot Potato Pork Stew (click for details)

Are Your Carrots Acidic or Alkaline?

Remember, factors such as growing conditions, variety, and preparation methods affect all food nutrients. USDA database values are an average of many samples. So your PRAL values for carrot-based meals will vary from day to day. But they are always an estimate of actual acid load on your kidneys. Which I explain more in the notes about PRAL principles on the category list page.

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