Alkaline Carrot Potato Pork Stew

Alkaline Carrot Potato Pork Stew

This Alkaline Carrot Potato Pork Stew photograph is by Bill Harris from the Classic Pork Stew page at Southern Boy Dishes. I’ve cropped and resized their photograph. So see that page for the original photograph and its copyright details.

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I searched for a pork, potato, and carrot recipe. Because “Pork, potatoes, and vegetables including carrots, broccoli, and/or dark-green leafy; tomato-based sauce” is the USDA description of the most alkaline carrot dish featuring meat as its main ingredient. I noticed several similar recipes. Especially ones based on Irish cuisine which traditionally have a high ratio of carrots and other vegetables compared to meat.

In practice, I usually adjust this type of recipe. Because I prefer much less meat. But if you cook for a meat-loving family, it’s easy to maintain the standard recipes. Then simply serve yourself a portion with less pork. Of course, serving with additional vegetables and a salad also helps counteract acid load.

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