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This section of the website is not directly about food. Because I use these pages to explain what ALKAscore.com is. Also, how you can use this website in the best way.

ALKAscore starts with the premise that good meal planning is based on negative acid load on the kidneys. Otherwise known as an alkaline diet. Though that term is much-maligned due to erroneous calculations based on food ash that persist to this day.

Now most people are familiar with calorie-counting as a tool for weight loss diets. But the equivalent measure for alkaline urine diets is harder. So I started with Potential Renal Acid Load (PRAL). And I continue to publish PRAL tables for alkaline dieters who rely on the method that scientists often use.

However, it can be tedious to calculate PRAL for all foods. Also, it’s not so easy to set daily PRAL targets. Except to aim lower than previous scores. So I am developing ALKAscore as an easier way to measure baseline and progress for alkalizing dieters. Therefore, my intention is to allow people to adopt an ALKAscore target that they can easily monitor.

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The purpose of ALKAscore is to explore diet scoring systems and food nutrition indices. With a view to developing a simplified system that people can easily customize for rating and improving their eating patterns.
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