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Acid-Alkaline Foods Without WWEIA Category

There’s a strange category in the What We Eat In America (WWEIA) nutrients database. With the self-defeating category name, “Not included in a category”, I thought I could ignore these foods. Because at first glance they are industrial ingredients. So I was shocked to find some of my favorite herbs lurking without category.

In earlier USDA database formats, the Herbs and Spices group was always one of my favorites. Unfortunately, the WWEIA format uses categories differently. Also unfortunate, is my late realization that I might have chosen the wrong format. But I will continue with WWEIA Food Categories PRAL Index with this “no category” addition, for now. Then I’ll review other options to find a more useful way of grouping foods.

Before you use this PRAL Uncategorized Foods List, you must understand and agree to PRAL Food Lists Principles

Acid-Alkaline Uncategorized Foods List

I list foods with the lowest PRAL index first. Because these have the lowest acid load. So the most alkalizing foods show first. But you can click the food table headings to change sort order.

Alkaline Parsley

Your Alkaline Uncategorized Foods

Do you have favorite foods that you cannot find in the WWEIA food lists? Please let me know, and I will add the PRAL values where I can find them. Also let me know if you have views on the best way to categorize PRAL food lists.

Always remember that PRAL values are an estimate of actual acid load on your kidneys. Which I explain more in the notes about PRAL principles on the category index page.

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