What We Eat In America Food Categories

PRAL Food Category List

PRAL Food scores are a fundamental part of ALKAscore. So here I am adding PRAL food lists for each WWEIA food category. Then I link to them below. Once I have finished publishing these lists, I will refine the principles and guidance for using them.

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In the meantime, you can view old PRAL lists using the search box near the top of each page.

PRAL Food Category List

All PRAL values are on separate pages. With one page for each food category. There are three ways to find the category you are interested in:

  1. Use the enhanced search box near the top of every page to look for a food category name. Or search for a specific food if you don’t know the category name.
  2. Use your browser ‘Find in Page’ function. This varies depending on which browser you use. Normally, it is Ctrl-F.
  3. Browse to your food category in the list below:

What We Eat In America Food Categories
What We Eat In America Food Categories

PRAL Food Lists Principles

Make sure you follow the FOODARY principles for PRAL food lists.

F – Foods
Individual foods have a PRAL score. But most important is the total for each meal or for your shopping list. Also consider food groups – LAKE does this but you can create your own ALKAscore.
O – Other Measures
PRAL is a scientifically acceptable way of estimating acid load on your kidneys. Other acceptable acid load measuring scales are NEAP and Pro:K. But the Ash Residue method is scientifically rejected.
O – Order and Sorting
Each table is initially sorted in PRAL per 100 g order. Because that is most useful for calculating your total PRAL. You can click the heading for PRAL per 100 calories. Because that order is most useful for comparing foods to improve your PRAL score.
D – Differences
Don’t waste time on small differences. PRAL values are averages. So they only approximate your true acid load. Because actual food nutrients change with growing conditions, cooking methods, and other factors.
A – Acid-Alkaline Balance
You need some acid-forming foods. Because adequate protein and phosphorus are essential for health. But those acid-formers must be balanced by more alkalizing foods. So that your total meets your target.
R – Results
The only result that matters is the pH of urine. Especially if health professionals have advised a target. Because that indicates your true acid load on your kidneys. So PRAL total results are a useful guide to what should happen if you stick to your eating plans.
Y – Your Target
There are no “official” targets for PRAL or urine pH. However, your nutrition professionals might your personal target based on your medical history. In any event, you should never start changing your diet without consulting your doctor. So ask your doctor’s opinion about your urine pH target.

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