Acid and Alkaline Nuts and Seeds

Acid-Alkaline Nuts and Seeds PRAL List

As a protein food, most nuts and seeds are slightly to moderately acidic. But there is a small choice of alkaline nuts. Especially chestnuts which are not only the most alkalizing. But also the lowest in calories.

If you want to compare different nuts and seeds, you can scroll down to the list now. Or see related information for a specific nut or seed. Such as almonds, peanuts, walnuts, pine nuts, cashews or sunflower seeds. Also, my related information links will help you with nut products such as milks and butters.

In the list below, I include PRAL values for many types of nuts and seeds. Because PRAL estimates the acid load of these foods. So you can use the information to make food choices with lower acid load. Which can help you work with health professionals if they have advised you that acid load reduction will help you. The list can also help answer questions about certain foods being acidic or alkaline. But if you are asking that type of question, you should first learn the principles linked in the next paragraph.

Acid-Alkaline Nuts and Seeds List

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I list nuts and seeds with the lowest PRAL index first. Because these have the highest alkaline load. So the most alkalizing foods show first. But you can click the food table headings to change sort order.

For the nuts and seeds category, the average PRAL values are 6.55 per 100 grams and 1.11 per 100 calories. To put this in context, compare with other protein foods in the Food Category List.

Acid and Alkaline Nuts and Seeds
Acid and Alkaline Nuts and Seeds

Your Alkaline Nuts and Seeds

Remember, factors such as growing conditions, variety, and preparation methods affect all food nutrients. USDA database values are an average of many samples. So your PRAL values for nuts and seeds will vary from day to day. But they are always an estimate of actual acid load on your kidneys. Which I explain more in the notes about PRAL principles on the category list page.

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